Kate Miller

Kate Miller’s mixes contain a certain frenetic energy and curiosity. Maybe it was these traits which fuelled her decision to move from her home city of Melbourne – where she cut her teeth as a DJ – to Berlin. Now based out of the German capital, she also collects sonic ideas from Japan, Africa and Norway, bringing them to bear in unexpected ways on the dancefloor.

Her exclusive mix for Crack Magazine is hectic by its climax, but that isn’t how it starts. It moves closer to a threshold before exploding into rapid drum patterns and expansive textures. The tropes of footwork, IDM and dubstep are spun out of shape then repackaged in bizarre and alluring new forms.

The mix features some tracks Miller describes as her “all-time favourites”, from Simo Cell to Minor Science. It’s a barely constrained chaos, operating in the liminal zone of 140 to 160 BPM. “I wanted to put out a mix which was more in the 150 BPM range rather than my usual 100-130. I’ve been feeling a lot more free with tempo lately and that is really exciting to start playing with,” she writes to Crack via email. “I also included the classic Tango track Understanding as a kind of homage to the recent renaissance of the Amen break. This track for me is just the best example of completely deconstructing that break into something new (although it is from 1996).” Compelling, visceral stuff.

Aleksi Perälä – Gas Bubbles
RAMZi – Evora
dBridge – The Dim Light
FFT – Abstract
Mimicore – AEM Rhythm-Cascade
Paul Blackford – Delta Nine
Simo Cell – Feel Di Kouala Vybz
Gaze Ill – Clean 131
Pessimisst – Empty House (RT’s Choppage Mix)
Tango – Understanding
Sully – Vanta
Special Request – Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science Remix)
C.R.K. – Altiverb = Puissance
Djrum – Waters Rising
J. Wiltshire – No More Knives