It’s been almost a decade since Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell released their debut album Ruido as Lakker, but it wasn’t until last year’s R&S-released sophomore effort Tundra that the Irish duo began to garner due praise.

Whilst the name might evoke images of grey, windswept landscapes, Tundra was anything but monotonous. Blending Lakker’s tendency towards widescreen composition with the urgent severity of their club oriented output (both Smith & McDonnell have released solo work on the likes of Electric Deluxe and Trilogy Tapes), the album was an accomplished affair replete with intricate sound design and spectral processed vocals.

With a new LP just around the corner, Lakker’s Crack Mix combines the glacial atmospherics as Tundra with a breadth of blistering percussion and footwork-indebted weirdness, reaffirming their status as one of the most interesting acts out.

Lakker perform live at St-John-at-Hackney Church on Friday 15 April.