Marcel Fengler

While his links to Berghain / Panorama Bar and Ostgut Ton might be understood as a defining cog in his trajectory as a DJ (he was one of the legendary club’s first ever residents), the selections of Marcel Fengler reach far beyond the blueprints of that world.

Always delivering a sense of drama and emotional gravity to his sets and productions, Fengler is the kind of DJ who rifles through records with a view to offering light and shade. In this mix – which clocks in at just over 90 minutes – industrial beats merge into blissful ambient textures with ease. Fengler rounds the mix off with In Loving Memory, the delicate, downtempo finale to Special Request’s recent LP for Houndstooth, Belief System.

Having cut his teeth playing on vinyl in the early 1990s, Fengler never loses sight of big-room appetites. But he breaks his winding, deep techno selections up with enough variation and shade to avoid ever sounding one-dimensional. It’s techno dealt by someone whose musical interests reach far beyond and whose technique has been refined through years of practise in front of the world’s most discerning audiences.

Check out the full tracklist below.

Upcoming for Marcel are new remixes for ScanX, Marco Bailey, Slam and Glaskin on Hotflush.

In March he’ll also be releasing his debut label compilation for Index Marcel Fengler (IMF), to celebrate the imprint’s 10th release.

01. Abstrakt – Untitled
02. Atom – Future Nights – Bunker NY
03. AWB – Kinetic Lullaby – Taapion
04. Neel – Bassiani – Token
05. Nuel – Caustic – Semantica
06. Dasha Rush – Black Swan – Sonic Groove
07. Desroi – Apathy – ManHigh
08. Shlomo – Hardwave – Arts
09. LSD – Process 3 – Ostgut Ton
10. Peter van Hoesen – A2 – Time To Express
11. Dario Zenker – Koraimer Bro – Ilian Tape
12. Troy – Flux – Klockworks
13. Benjamin Damage – Off World – R&S
14. Surgeon – Convenience Trap Pt.1. – Dynamic Tension
15. Ben Frost – No Sorrowing (Kangding Ray Remix) – Mute
16. Marcel Fengler – Sphinx (Alva Noto Remix) – IMF
17. PHON.O – Handcuffed – Cold Rec.
18. DJ Spider & Phill Moffa – First Contact – Outer
19. Anthony Parasole – Velocity – Redimension
20. Scan X – Alien Symphony (Marcel Fengler Remix) – Volphone
21. Vin Sol – Patronize – Honey Soundsystem
22. Ryan James Ford – Deer Run – Shut
23. Special Request – In Loving Memory – Houndstooth