With few hard-copy releases to her name and a refreshing indifference to self-promotion, Or:la’s career has followed a different trajectory to most.

Splitting her time between her native Derry and her adopted city of Liverpool, Or:la takes a fairly selective approach to gigging, most often playing out at dockside haunt 24 Kitchen Street- where she holds an unofficial residency- or her own nomadic club night Meine Nacht.

With an atmosphere more akin to a house party than a big-ticket rave, Meine Nacht hops between Merseyside’s vacant lofts and backrooms for clandestine dances that are live-streamed across the web.

Or:la’s Crack Mix channels a similarly low key vibe, playing out like a masterful warm up set peppered with low-slung house and skippy percussive numbers. Crucial early Summer listening.

Or:la appears at AVA festival on Saturday 4 June.