Philipp Schultheis

The latest Crack Mix in our series comes hot off the desk of Philipp Schulteis.

The Frankfurt-born and now Berlin-based selector is a low-key, constant presence in both cities. In the latter, Schultheis is a member of the numerous DJ crews orbiting Renate, where he is a regular fixture at Marlon Hoffstadt’s marathon phone-free Savour the Moment parties.

Schulteis’ Crack Mix draws on tracks from across Renate’s extended network of friends and family, blending glittering technicolour cuts from Johannes Albert, Longhair, and David Vunk into a buoyant, hour-long excursion primed for the dance.

Johannes Albert – Frame [Frank Music]
Massimiliano Pagliara – Raving at the Acropolis [Live at Robert Johnson]
Longhair – Squirt [Bordello a Parigi]
Chinaski – Ab in die Ewigkeit [Bordello a Parigi]
Cosmo Vitelli – Fish Liquor Edit [I’m a Cliché]
Space Project – The Return of Space Raiders [CD Baby]
David Vunk – Disco Systex [Moustache Records]
Marlon Hoffstadt – Mucho Intensivo [Midnight Themes]
Technobeton – Technobeton 2018 [Nein Records]
Pépe – Trouble Glider (Lauer Remix) [Loose Fit]
Peach – Geralds Game (Aevasyon Instrumental Remix)
Ross from Friends – High Energy [Ostgut Ton]

Philipp Schulteis plays at Savour the Moment’s first birthday celebration this weekend at Renate