Along with peer and collaborator John Talabot, Pional was part of a clutch of electronic artists who gained popularity in the early 10s for an intoxicating blend of aqueous house and airy disco. As a DJ, vocalist and producer, he takes an almost scientific approach to performing and creating – prioritising atmosphere over genre constraints and finding washed-out textures in the negative space between the beats.

As he readies new music to unveil later on this year, Pional put together a kaleidoscopic voyage through astral dancefloor sounds and alien melodies for our mix series. The 90-minute offering demonstrates that the sound he’s best associated with is still intact – emotive synth throbs and heady polyrhythms warping typical dancefloor blueprints. But there are more abstract moments and unexpected turns which show he’s far from sitting still.

Listen to the mix in the player above.

Pional plays FIXED at Good Room, New York, on 23 March