A journey through the many uses of the Roland 303 from bonafide acid fanatics Posthuman.

Posthuman’s Crack Mix is a blast, bouncing from wobbly bass to jittery electro, swung house and straighter techno, all bound by an ever-present appreciation for the mighty 303.

The duo, cousins Rich Bevan & Josh Doherty, have been making music together since the late 90s, initially occupying a space in the booming world of electronica and latterly leading an acid-tinged revival of classic rave sounds. Their label Balkan Vinyl has given a home to records by legends like Mark Archer and Luke Vibert, and their party series I Love Acid has long been a reliable destination for a good old-fashioned mind-melting.

Speaking about the mix, Doherty tells us: “I really enjoy finding the spaces in-between genres, where you can connect electro, techno, house, UK bass, rave, EBM… all using the glue that is acid and the 303.” He adds, “though it’s all proper dancefloor business, I love mixes that take you on a journey: euphoric builds to heads down darkness, drifting in and out of varying vibes and spaces.”

The mix does just that, with the 303 thread tying everything together. Last summer marked the 30th anniversary of the second summer of love, and it’s amazing to behold the continued effect the echoes of that time have had on musical culture. Posthuman appreciate this as much as anyone, and their mix is a succinct reminder.

Posthuman play Patterns, Brighton, on Saturday 17 August