Red Greg

Red Greg is a selector with a collection that allows him to zoom in when he feels fit.

His encyclopaedic knowledge of disco, soul and boogie has given him room to hone in on and celebrate specific corners of the music he loves. As prolific a digger as any, Greg specialises in the kinds of feel-good rarities and deep cuts that you can’t believe weren’t super-hits. He’s put this knowledge to good use cooking up the fiercely sought-after edit of Disco Baby with Floating Points which saw a wider release through Melodies International earlier this year.

For his Crack Mix, he’s demonstrating the depth of his knowledge – delivering a 60-minute homage to Leroy Burgess, the Harlem producer, vocalist and songwriter best known as part of iconic R&B group Black Ivory whose songs have been samples by everyone from Raekwon to Lil B, and who is currently undertaking his first ever European tour- some feat given his 30-plus year career.

When talking about the mix over email, Greg told us that the hour is built from, “Leroy’s classic productions and tunes he wrote, which were actually some of the first records I bought to DJ with around 1985 – 1986. I used to buy the Street Sounds Electro compilation when I was 13, so Release Yourself was actually the first Leroy Burgess tune I ever heard. Then I’ve back-tracked through his other records over the years.” If you’re a fan of Burgess, this will be an irresistible tribute to his legacy. If you aren’t, we can’t think of a better introduction.

Red Greg appears at J.A.W in Berlin on Saturday November 18, supporting Leroy Burgess’ full live band