With fervent co-signings from Timedance, Livity Sound, Whities and beyond, re:ni is a DJ whose impeccable reputation proliferates with every booking.

One of the most striking aspects of her style – and Crack Mix 254 is a perfect example – is the effortless way that she plays with tempo. Beginning at 130bpm, her mix for us dives through contemporary UK techno, dubby breakbeats and acid house, eventually slowing to a chugging 100bpm at its midpoint. The tempo then doubles up on itself, bringing the pace suddenly up to breakneck speed, from which point she works back down through jungle and zippy breakbeats, before eventually looping back down to 130 – full circle to where we started.

In less capable hands, this style might become slightly giddying, but here it feels effortless and fluid. She achieves this by establishing a clear sonic narrative throughout. Despite spanning a wide range of tempos, genres and eras, the tracks she selects are linked by clear themes: nimble breaks, space-age pads, diving basslines and vocal chatter. The result is a self-contained trip that manages to be at once wildly eclectic yet completely congruous.

The mix features unreleased material from Neinzer, Borai and Redstone Press, as well as her most ID’d track of 2018: a track by her dad, originally released in 1994 and set to be reissued by Seven Hills later this year.

re:ni plays at Nachtdigital x Make Me, London, on 8 February