Session Victim

There’s a lot to like about Session Victim. From their enthusiastic off-kilter live shows to their signature brand of sunny, sample-laden house, Hauke and Matthias have seemingly nailed the formula for inducing wall-to-wall smiles on a dancefloor.

The duo are about to release Listen To Your Heart, their third long-player, on Jamie Odell’s Delusions of Grandeur imprint. The sentiment may seem a little glib but it’s an earnest description of Session Victim’s approach and their resultant output: sampler tracks Moons and Flowers and Bring It Back are beautifully arranged but carry an unmistakable groove that is uniquely theirs.

Despite being split alternately between Berlin and Hamburg, Session Victim grabbed some studio time to put together an outstanding mix to mark the occasion.

Comprised of old and new records from their collection and a couple of forthcoming gems from Listen To Your Heart, Hauke and Matthias recorded the session over the course of an afternoon in the studio, summarising it as “house music, but the kind that is as fun in a club as it is in your car or when you are cleaning up your crib.”

Wherever you are, it’s perfect early summer listening.

Listen To Your Heart is out on June 5