Sunil Sharpe

Dublin-based techno selector Sunil Sharpe has cemented a rep as one of Ireland’s most sought after and respected DJs. A revered fixture in dance music and a tastemaker in his own right, Sharpe has established his imprint via a musical trajectory that spans over a decade. Outside of the booth, the producer helms the Earwiggle label, and has helped shape a new generation of selectors, having previously taken part in teaching a DJ technique course in Dublin.

His mix for Crack Magazine perfectly demonstrates what he does best – melding ambient techno with searing electro and acid cuts, before dipping into transcendent moments of trance and transporting listeners to a darker, alien terrain. It’s hard-hitting and otherworldly, all at once. Hold on to your hard hats.

Sunil Sharpe plays AVA Festival, Belfast, on 1-2 June