Killekill’s Czech resident shows off the many sides to her style.

Ahead of the latest iteration of Krake Festival from the sprawling Killekill crew, resident Tigerhead takes us on a journey through club tracks from every genre in her arsenal. Having checked off Berlin institutions like Berghain, Griessmuele and ://about blank, as well as London’s latest techno institution FOLD, Tigerhead has her attention squarely on becoming a mainstay in the European techno scene.

Here she displays two sides to her taste and style: the first half demonstrating a more leftfield mix of acid and electro that wouldn’t usually find their way into her sets, the second more indicative of her favoured style, catered to the purist tastes of Berlin’s techno heads. Speaking to us via email, she tells us how the set is an attempt to “mix tracks from different genres and eras as one smooth story.”

Heavy, uncompromising and threaded with spoken monologues designed to mess with dancers’ heads as much as their bodies, this is not a set for the faint of heart.

Głós – Press Start To Play
Kwartz – Show me that light (Cleric Vocal Tool)
The Mover – Stars Collapse [Planet Phuture]
The Mover – Fire Cloud [Planet Phuture]
Mumdance & Logos – The Teachers [Different Circles] Jensen Interceptor – The Fontainebleau [Bromance Records]
Alva Noto – Uni Acronym (ft. Anne-James Chaton) Lowfish – 8_Op [Satamile Records NYC]
Credit 00 – Hammers Jack Voices Wail [RAT14 ] Cyan85 – Computor Punk [VOI016]
DJ Bwin – Afterlife [Hundert]
Anthony Rother – GENERATION ELECTRO (G.E. MIAMI MIX) [Omnidisc]
Furfriend – Geck (Scalameriya Remix) [DBR033] Tigerhead – Rave 4 Dave [Unreleased]
Perc – Bin Juice [GENESA008VA]
Vnkraut – Free Your Mind [Urbangroove Records] Ansome & Ossian – Butch [SLAM005]
Tigerhead – Vantablack [Unreleased]
Radio Slave – Grindhouse (Slam Drum Remix) [Rekids] Głós & Tigerhead – Untitled [Unreleased]
Alva Noto and Blixa Bargeld – Electricity is Fiction [Raster-Noton]

Tigerhead plays Krake Festival, Griessmuele, Berlin, on Saturday 27 July