For the uninitiated, Traxman is the moniker of Chicago native Cornelius Ferguson, a pioneer who oversaw ghetto house’s the evolution to footwork. Working alongside the late DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn in the Ghetto Teknitianz crew and contributing to early editions of the lauded Dancemania series, Traxman paid his dues to the scene and earned his reputation as one of the genre’s most respect veterans.

Traxman’s mix for Crack (which he submitted with the title Geto Tec Bang Out Mixx but, alas, brand consistency must be obeyed and it will now be known as Crack Mix 121 – Traxman) flits between booty house, with the likes of DJ Funk’s There’s Some Hoes In This House, veering into classic house for a chopped-up version of Hardrive’s classic Deep Down Inside and exploring some of footwork’s most crucial influences along the way.

Traxman plays at Bristol’s Simple Things Festival as part of the Teklife Showcase on Saturday 22 October