unfold: Kenji Takimi at Live Art Bistro, Leeds

In April, we kicked off unfold in partnership with Japanese beer brand Asahi Super Dry, a series of four events celebrating innovative strands in Japanese underground electronic music.

At each event, one room housed ORION – an audiovisual art installation by Japan-France art studio NONOTAK. Discover more about how they created the piece in our exclusive documentary.

At the final party in Leeds, we brought together two of the most esteemed record collectors in the world. Andrew Weatherall brought his typically indefinable blend of off-centre rarities, and Tokyos Kenji Takimi delivered an unforgettable set that reflected the ethos of his label Crue-L, “cutting-edge but timeless music that doesn’t necessarily fit the norm of what most people expect Japanese independent label. Get a taste for the party here

For his contribution to the Unfold mix series, Kenji shows off just how far and wide his record collection goes. Drawing from the Crue-L catalogue and beyond, the mix proves why he is so revered by other selectors on the world stage. Get acquainted by hitting play in the player above.

Relive the tour with mixes and videos at crackm.ag/unfold.