US funk and soul of the 1970s – Mixed by Mr G

Smooth sounds of resistance with a house music icon

One of the most energetic and infectious performers around, Mr G aka (Colin McBean) is revered for his live sets. In this mix for us he about-turns and turns his gaze backwards to a decade close to his heart in the 1970s, and the sultry but socially ferocious sounds that emanated from the US in that time. Despite the easy listening, these tracks are a perfect window into what makes his own music so special – always soulful, always groovy but underpinned by an intangible, flaming energy.

His own career began as part of the KCC DJ trio and as half of The Advent. Both were avenues for raucous, futuristic techno but when he broke off on his own to work on Mr G, it was house to which he gravitated. Ever since, his insatiable work ethic has resulted in a constant flow of beloved releases in bass culture moods and groove on his own Phoenix G. imprint, cementing his reputation among the pantheon of UK dance music.

His mix for Crack Magazine is a personal journey. Over email he told us, “The idea behind this mix is remembering where I began to understand the DJ (at my local sound system) also had the job of playing tunes that were social statements. No one did this better than the USA, and the 70s is a golden era. I looked to see what I could select that would tell the same tale as though nothing has changed… all these years later.”

Mr G plays at Junction 2 Festival, London, on 7 June