Rio de Janeiro-based selector Valesuchi manages to pull off a tricky balancing act – delivering productions and DJ sets which drip with a serene, loose beauty but also maintain power and mastery on dancefloors. Linked with Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme stable – she’s part of the exciting underground moment which is blossoming in Santiago. Along with a handful of other artists, her music is decidedly floor-facing with tropical shades and cinematic overtones poured into the mix for depth and atmosphere. She’s currently locked away in the lab working on new music and remixes, but she took the time out to deliver this hour-long Crack Mix which serves as a perfect introduction to her captivating musical language. Sun-kissed proto-disco, bare-bones electro, hard-wearing techno and heavenly ambient, all stitched together with precision and purpose.

Valesuchi appears at Bahidorá Festival in Mexico, 17-18 February 2018