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CLASH THE TRUTH (Captured Tracks)


From the slouchy aesthetics to the coastally themed name, there’s no prizes for guessing that Beach Fossils are a surf rock band. But in Dustin Payseur, core member of the New York-based act, Beach Fossils have a songwriter with a razor sharp eye for melody. And with Ben Greenberg – of The Men – on production duties, Clash The Truth is steeped in raw, DIY energy. This isn’t punk by any stretch of the imagination, but Greenberg’s visceral approach frequently leaves the tracks sounding like they’re hanging together by a thread – complimenting the dreamy drift and slacker delivery of the vocal melodies. Careless takes sparse elements and builds a piercing, melancholy, soft-focus riot – think Surfer Blood, or overlooked Canadians The Stills. Burn You Down exemplifies the album’s spirit – surf rock at 100% miles an hour – and all 14 tracks come in at under 36 minutes. Album closer Crashed Out takes a simple, squalling and eye-wateringly effective guitar line and stretched it across the bones of the final few minutes of a short, sharp, and impressive album.


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Words: Adam Corner