Blackpool’s teenybop grime scene is blowing up on YouTube

If the bars are to be believed then Blackpool’s 12 year olds are way more into guns, robbery and violence than we’d ever imagined

Blackpool is known as the UK’s stag and hen do capital but underneath the facade of inflatable willys, matching ‘Lee’s a Twat’ tee shirts and broken tiaras there’s a teenage grime scene that’s causing YouTubers to go into meltdown. BG Media is a Blackpool based grime channel dedicated to showcasing the city’s biggest names. Names like Little T, Soph Aspin and Callyman Sam might not mean much to you now but if you’ve got half an hour and a working internet connection you might find yourself slipping into a web of scholastic rap music that’s serving up more beef than your local branch of Byron Burger.

We’ve rounded up a few of the city’s key players in this handy list to help you get to grips with the bars, beats and beef that are turning Blackpool into the UK’s next grime goldmine.

Little T - Stoner Guy

Little T is BG Media’s biggest and brightest star. Stoner Guy is a diss track built around a Sting and the Police sample that asks simply “Yeah, yeah, yeah what’s it like to be dead?” A question we’ve all asked at one time or another.

Soph Aspin - Thinking He's Hard

Although not strictly part of the BG Media fam Soph Aspin is frequently mentioned in many of the crew’s bars. Thinking He’s Hard is a diss track aimed squarely at Little T himself and it’s deeply cutting. Especially when you consider that T, as Soph herself points out, is only in Year 8.

Clarko - Sket Redo

Clarko is a BG Media defector who has gone on to do his own thing – Clarko TV. Sket Redo is probably his biggest hit but these days he’s become more concerned with building his empire. His video for Akeem’s Little T Send has racked up bare views and his lo-fi, vertical ratio camera work gives his clips a far grittier feel than the ones BGM are pushing out. This is Blackpool grime at it’s hardest.

CallymanSam - It's CallyManSam

CallyManSam seems to be BG Media’s elder statesman. He uses the wisdom of age to spin bars on everything from weed to wanking. Using the beat from Amerie’s classic RnB jam 1 Thing CallymanSam’s signature joint It’s CallyManSam is a rawkus journey into pitbulls, mopeds, middle fingers and all that other bad shit your mother warned you about.

Afghan Dan - Tic Tac Business

“Tic Tac better get back in his box / Tic Tac better be getting off back to his box / If not Mr Tic Tac get squashed.” – Afghan Dan


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