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Caribou Our Love Merge Records

Caribou’s summer-munching, soaraway single Can’t Do Without You has finally alerted the mainstream to Dan Snaith’s phenomenal talent. Admittedly, since 2010’s Swim sketched out a whole new realm of serotonin soaked pop-melancholia for the dance floor (along with Four Tet’s similarly monumentalThere is Love in You), Caribou has hardly been a whispered underground secret. But the attention (and commercial success) that Can’t Do Without You has received is bait for the inevitable backlash. Is it time to start waving the “I liked him before he was massive” flag?

Title track Our Love mangles throwback house and garage atti- tude with a winsome vocal refrain – classic Caribou. Second Chance is an album highlight: a simmering, simpering vocal from collaborator Jessy Lanza is stretched across a wonky, wandering synth line. It’s just one of several clear nods to the strange saccharine production of contemporary RnB. Back Home offers a similar snapshot of modern pop production. But Snaith’s sorrowful vocals mark another key feature of the album: an overt lyrical focus on fixing, cherishing and ultimately losing yourself in love and all its derivatives.

Mars is the closest thing on the album to Snaith’s output under his alternative Daphni moniker; all clipped, rotating beats and vaguely tribal aesthetics, while album closer Your Love Will Set You Free is an open-hearted merge of muted pads and swooping synths. Steeped in romance and drenched in the melodic alchemy that Snaith has all but perfected, Our Love is another modern-day classic to add to Caribou’s formidable catalogue.