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Falling Stacks

For around 18 months Falling Stacks have been delivering their Shellac/Fugazi/Jesus Lizard-indebted noise-alt-punk racket to the eager folk of Bristol. A fixture in the stable of DIY enthusiasts Howling Owl, their malevolent undertones, rolling bass, taut rhythms and guitars which alternate between disdainful thrashing and roving single notes have struck a chord, and their micro-released first EP sold out rapidly last February. The forthcoming three-track follow-up is surely set for the same fate, especially if the increased assurance of first glimpse White Wild Hare is anything to go by. Describing themselves as “moderately hard-working and extremely punctual”, they’ll never win any awards for the world’s best self-promoters, but catch their February mini-tour – including dates in Bath, Bristol, Brighton, Exeter and an auspicious support slot with The History of Apple Pie in Cardiff – to get their confrontational sound all up in yer grill.

Tune: White Wild Hare

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