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Each month we scour the internet for the best new artists around

With music discovery software getting more intelligent and new music blogs popping up daily it has never been easier to find new bands, DJs, MCs and producers. But when there’s so much new talent choose from where do you start? Each month we compile our list of four new artists you need to know to try and make everything a little easier for you.

Scroll down to find out why we’re excited about the Bristol post punks Scarlet Rascal, avant-garde pop star in the making Moonbow, Scouse grime MC on the rise Aystar and mellow London rockers Don Loudo.

Scarlet Rascal

Scarlet Rascal have had an on/off flirtation with the Bristol gigging scene for the past six years. With the announcement of their highly-anticipated self-titled LP (due out on Geoff Barrow’s Invada imprint late this month), lead track Strange is a confident stride into their next chapter.

Constructed around a ferociously tight roll of rhythm section teamed with a Strokes-y guitar riff, it forms an effective cast on which to throw the most striking trademark of the band’s sound: lead singer Luke Brooks’ deadpan drawl, which cuts through the noise- rock/post-punk hybrid with a snarl. Gloriously shadowy, sure, but we hope the band will throw more light on themselves very soon.

Television / The Birthday Party



Moonbow is the musical project of multidisciplinary artist Eleanor Hardwick. She builds dense, celestial soundscapes to accompany her drenched-out vocals, yet many of her tracks remain eminently danceable. Her project is interweaved with fine-art, using visuals and other forms of media to create the most immersive experience any given venue can accommodate.

Hardwick is a member South London’s all-female crew SIREN, who through their parties, zines and mixes, are making a serious mark on Peckham and beyond. Playing with machines, pedals and with her voice taking centre stage, Moonbow contributes avant-garde pop to a techno-orientated scene that’s making solidarity and safe spaces pave the way for a better future.

Maria Minerva / Arca



Full disclosure here: like a lot of people, we came across Liverpudlian MC Aystar when he made a starring turn on The Best, a standout track from Giggs’ recent chart topping LP, The Landlord. If Twitter is anything to go by, we weren’t the only ones. Ever since the record came out, Aystar’s timeline has been flooded with new supporters all enamoured by his gritty flow and distinctively regional intonation.

The rest of his material is laced with streetwise imagery and real-life storytelling all delivered through his piercing scouse cadence – check out his ferocious Fire In The Booth session for a prime slice of his style. We’ve been slow on the uptake with this one so our thanks to the Landlord for introducing us.

Bugzy Malone / Lee Scott


Don Loudo

Emerging from what seem to be more tropical climes than their native London, Don Loudo’s debut self-titled EP dropped in the height of summer and their psychedelic, melody-driven pop sounds like it really is only just getting started. Like countless crossover artists who have come before them, Don Loudo demonstrate a seemingly innate ability to write hits which irreversibly lock themselves into your mind after one listen. While the instrumentation and production value signposts rich creative ambitions, there’s a refreshingly direct quality to their material which sets them apart. Their three-track opening effort is up on BandCamp now, and Don Loudo sound ready to soundtrack the end of the summer.

Jungle / Tame Impala