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Girlpool Before the World Was Big Wichita

Everyone knows that girl pals are the best. So why hasn’t the world been blessed with the triumphant concentration of female friendship we’ve seen in the first quarter of 2015 since the Spiceworld days? There’s Nicki and Beyonce feeding each other cheeseburgers in the Feeling Myself video, T-Swiz and her troupe of hard as nails mates with guns in the Bad Blood video, and an affectionate Chastity Belt singing sex positive odes to friendship for a start. And what about Girlhood, Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road in the cinema? It’s a glut! It’s everywhere you look! It’s marvellous.

Girlpool are best friends Harmony and Cleo. There’s only a bass and a guitar, and Harmony and Cleo, and their music conveys a psychic flux. It’s thanks to
their spare, shrieking sound that Girlpool are probably the only band in the world that can include glockenspiel on a song about childhood without coming off as total cheeseballs. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that Cleo and Harmony could ever come off as cheeseballs. The songs are crushingly sincere: “I feel safest in knowing that I am true”, they sing, unblinking. Their honesty is hypnotic; you’ll strain to hear every word, and then spend the rest of your day trying to decipher it all.

Girlpool are calling us out. Why can’t we always be our true selves when it can be this good? Before the World was Big is big and it’s fearless, and it feels so easy with Girlpool taking the lead.