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It may be the Wettest City in Britain (TM), but when the mood takes them, the people of Swansea are still inclined to take to the seas, board in hand. It’s appropriate, then, that Hangmen have joined fellow Welshmen Y Niwl in pushing a fresh approach to the irresistible sway of surf rock. The dapper four-piece are now preparing to release a full-length realisation of their sound . Titled Singapore Swingers, high points include the gorgeously evocative strum of Maria, the infectious stomp of the title track and a Misirlou for the kids in The Headhunter. Fag- paper tight and fleshing out their sound with the sharp, downstroked vigour of garage rock, Hangmen display a firm grasp on their indebtors, along with eye on crafting their own contemporary addition to a timeless canon.

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