News / / 07.02.13




Iceage released their virtually flawless debut full length New Brigade while consumed in sometimes overwhelming darkness, controversy and hype. It’s rare to emerge from such circumstances without kicking and screaming. Luckily for Iceage, kicking and screaming is second nature. You’re Nothing is a hurricane of youthful arrogance and personal turmoil, each track more bitter and resentful than the last. With no regard for past hype, the band has charged into an album which is not only as good as New Brigade, but evolves their sound. Opener Ecstasy is layered with industrial mourning and vocals that teeter on the edge of despair, with Elias Bender intoning the word “pressure”. Morals is yet another new direction, quiet keys and the band’s trademark bass open the track before the vocal hits, making something which sits between Death in June and Eric Carmen. Really. This is a cacophonous, rampant record that sets a new bar for a band who now have no choice but to keep producing music that reeks of reality, youth and desperation. If proof was needed that punk lives, look no further; You’re Nothing sounds like it’s sniffed more glue than G.G Allin had Swastika-vomit-urine parties.

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Words: Billy Black