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Internet Songs Of The Week

The best tunes we heard online in the last seven days.

It’s been one heck of a week for the UK. There was that initial rush of excitement, the feeling of change was in the air. Then it all just went abit… pear shaped.

In the words of Mel Gibson though, “They can take our hospitals, they can take our gainful employment and, actually, they probably can take our freedom but they can never ‘ave our fackin’ Internet Songs of The Week.”

Get stuck in.

Olymphia - Carpet Of Crushed Seashells Covering Parts Of The Floor

Posh Isolation

Everyone’s favourite Danish tape label have dropped another instant smash hit single.

What’s that? It’s a 12 minute ambient noise track and not an instant smash hit single? Ha, well I never.

It’s about as close to perfection as 11 minutes of whirring, glassy crackles and soft beats can get. Sleek stuff from Posh head-honcho Loke Rahbek and Lower’s Kristian Emdal.

Billy Black

Meredith Graves - Took The Ghost To The Movies

Devinyl Splits

Meredith Graves’ solo track tries to pretend that it’s one of those acoustic singer-songwriter deals in its first few seconds, but thank god, no dice – I know Meredith would never do that to me.

This moody, guitar-layering slow-burner swallows Graves’ vocals into a magnificent My Bloody Valentine style soup and lends itself perfectly to so many of my favourite things to do: crying in the bath, contemplating life while sitting on the top of tower blocks, and kicking over bins when the Tories win the general election, for example.

Sammy Jones

Goatsnake - Black Age Blues

Southern Lord Records

Being a robe-wearin’, depths-summonin’, amp-humpin’, Scott Walker collaboratin’, frequency-shatterin’, paid-up member of drone godheads Sunn O))) is pretty much a full-time job, so you can’t really blame Greg Anderson for the fact his Goatsnake project hasn’t made an album in 15 years. 15 years is fucking ages, mind. To give it some context, when Goatsnake last released an album, Brooklyn Beckham was, like, one or something.

Anyway, following the release of Elevated Man a couple of weeks ago, Goatsnake dropped the title track from their upcoming third album Black Age Blues (Southern Lord, 2 June) earlier this week, and it’s expectedly monstrous, an enveloping landslide of a riff that combines the heft of Anderson’s day job with a cocksure groove.

God, I cant wait to see Sunn O))) later this month.

Geraint Davies

Vince Staples - Señorita

Dej Jam

The first track to be released from Vince Staples’ debut retail LP Summertime ’06. I still find myself listening to Vince’s 2014 EP Hell Can Wait pretty regularly, and I think this has potential to be one of the strongest hip-hop albums of the year.

It’s been good to watch Vince – who was basically considered an OF reject until Earl came home and let him jump on Hive – gradually gain the respect he deserves in the last few years, and while his traditionally ‘lyrical’ approach has probably won him a whole load of backpacker rap fans, Señorita proves that a big, morose trap beat fits well with his cynical, enraged worldview.

The Future hook, which is built out of vocals from his track Covered N Money, is too prominent to be part of the beat, so instead he feels like a digitally imported guest artist – a trick which A$AP Rocky also used this week with his unintentionally hilarious Rod Stewart collaboration Everyday.

Davy Reed

Stellar OM Source - Sudden

RVNG Intl.

One of techno’s most distinctive voices is back. Stellar OM Source is making her hotly anticipated return to RVNG Intl after recently unveiling her new four track EP. It comes two years after her intoxicating Joy One Mile LP, one of 2013’s best techno albums.

Mixed and arranged by Kassem Mosse, it was a giddy reinterpretation of Detroit influences into a captivating and often surprising collection of tracks.

The exuberant Sudden marks a return to clarity for OM Source, with skittering hi-hats and buoyant acid squelches paving the way for her cosmic leanings. Oh, and the video’s great too.

Anna Tehabsim