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Landscapes have emerged from the deep South with a furious roar. How did so much energy push its way up from the depths of Somerset? It’s probably something in the water, and if it is we suggest y’all start drinking deep.

Life Gone Wrong is a record full of youth and passion which, with perfect timing, harks back to the early part of the decade when bands like Raein, Orchid and Funeral Diner were pushing their brand of melodic, intelligent and emotional hardcore to muso hipsters and hardcore kids alike.

Opener Cemetry grows from a low drone into a full on assault of melody and intensity, coupled with throat-tearing vocals that sound as though they’re coming from a man with something he really needs to say, now, and loudly. The record is littered with these slow, pensive breakdowns and huge chugging riffs, notably on the earth-moving Dream, making a nice change of pace from the current crop of young, more spitty, trashy, punk bands.

Life Gone Wrong is a solid effort from a band who are sure to make waves in their scene, and whether it’s your thing or not, the passion, ingenuity and energy behind the record are enough to give it life enough to warrant your respect.

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Words: Billy Black