5 Musicians You Didn’t Know Were Right-Wingers

Did you know there’s an election happening today?

It’s like all over Twitter and that. It’s the day when your mates are most likely to show their true colours on Facebook. Reel in horror as that mild mannered guy who sat next to you in English reveals himself as a neo-fascist. Hover over the delete button as your Auntie Gina pledges her allegiance to UKIP. Unfriend your Mum when she finally admits that she’s crushing on Cameron.

In honour of the great democratic tradition we’ve decided to pull together some of the music world’s most surprisingly small minded people in music.



Morrissey can’t seem to go a day without courting controversy. His outpourings have been a continuous source of outlandish nonsense since day one.

Not really a huge surprise that the man who once described Chinese people as a ‘subspecies’ is also a Kipper.

Well, sort of…

Moz came out in support of Farage’s right-wing party last year. “I nearly voted for UKIP.” He told Loaded Magazine, “I like Nigel Farage a great deal.”

We’re not sure what nearly voting entails but it’s fun to imagine his hand hovering over the ballot paper before he dramatically casts his pencil into the air and places a single red rose in the mouth of the exit poller.

Courtney Love

Conservative Party

Courtney Love has often been found spilling fag ash and red wine down her dress and diving, Ducktails style, into massive piles of cocaine with Steve Coogan. When not busy doing those things she apparently likes nothing more than hanging out with wanky-posh blokes at a wanky-posh university.

Back in 2011 she attended the Conservative Party conference at The University of Oxford. The gathered throng of greasy haired Tory tweens then gave her the pukingly foppish title ‘Non Executive Officer of Rock ’N’ Roll’. If that’s not weird enough it only happened because Love was going out with Kirstie Allsop’s brother at the time.

I’ll just let that sink in.

Gary Barlow

Conservative Party

There’s no denying that tax-dodging pop imp Gary Barlow is a stone-cold Tory till he dies – Barlow and Cameron just cannot get enough of each other. Barlow told an audience in Cheshire that “there’s no-one more with it than David” while Cameron told Sky News that Barlow is “such a nice man”. Cuteness.

No wonder Cameron ignored calls for Barlow’s OBE to be stripped from him after the Take That star was caught using an “aggressive” tax avoidance scheme. Don’t worry about us plebs Gaz – you’re only worth £50m after all.

Craig David

Conservative Party

A ripple of shock flew through the Crack office when this one was unearthed: yep, our dearest UK garage hero Craig David is a big ol’ Tory. What a curveball.

Now based a world away from his 2-step roots all the way in the USA, it seems Craig has disappointingly bought shares in sunbeds, protein shakes and inspirational quotes. In the process he’s completely lost the plot.

His descent into la-la land has culminated in offering up his 2000 banger Fill Me In as the Conservative campaign song. We should have guessed – whoever releases Instagrams like these into the world really needs a reality check (preferably in the form of a slap).

Alex James

Conservative Party

Picture the scene: New Year’s Eve, David Cameron “dad dancing” in the living room, Alex James on karaoke, and a shit-load of posh cheese. No, this isn’t a scene from Dante’s fourth circle of hell: this is NYE 2014 over Alex James’ gaff.

This shouldn’t be a surprise though – James has always been partial to the Tory party. The PM and James were famously pictured together at the Blur bassist’s cheese festival in 2011 along with another notorious wanker: Jeremy Clarkson.

So relaxed were the Camerons on that fated New Year’s that Samantha Cameron was spotted “playing a leg as a guitar at one point” (probably hacked from an orphan they’d spotted on the way in).


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