Matthew Dear DJ Kicks
07 10

Matthew Dear DJ-Kicks K7

Matthew Dear has never been one to rest on his laurels. Whether making wonky electronic pop under his own name or graceful but penetrating techno under his Audion guise, Dear’s prolific output has always remained fresh and uncontrived.

The latest edition in the DJ-Kicks series begins with the blissful chords and plaintive sentiment of Nils Frahm’s Ode, before moving into a sultry new track by Dear (Wrong With Us, featuring his distinctive deep vocal bark). From there it’s an eclectic mix that doesn’t sit still for long, but is nowhere near as irritating as that sounds. A slinky little Doc Daneeka rework of Gwilym Gold’s Lust For Sale nestles up against an unnamed track from ItaloJohnson, but there’s also space for harder liquor from Randomer and Pearson Sound. Climaxing with a trio of Audion tracks (two newly released for this mix), this is a gregarious and playful contribution to a series that has successfully eaten into the long-standing Fabric monopoly on premier league but leftfield DJ mixes