Welcome to Staying In episode three, your weekly chocolate-topped digestive to dunk into the witches brew of the wider ones and zeroes.

It’s Friday evening. People are everywhere, all gassed to be going out or driving to the Cotswolds or whatever it is that they do. We know you can’t wait to be away from them all. Neither can we. Once you’re safely back in your fortress of solitude, get nice and cosy with some in-depth musings on music making from some leading lights across a bunch of genres, marvel at some gorgeous buildings without actually having to shuffle around behind slow-walking tourists, and be sure to stream John Carpenter’s live Simple Things closing show from the comfort of your own duvet-clad paradise.

21 of the World’s Most Beautiful Concert Halls

The Spaces

Eye candy for audiophiles and architecture aficionados alike. Feast your eyes on some of the most staggeringly beautiful and acoustically ingenious buildings around the globe, ignoring the Sydney Opera House’s apparently ‘hideous’ acoustics maybe… Take a look here.

John Carpenter Live Stream From Simple Things

Crack Magazine

If, in some horrible marriage of bad luck or illness, you are unable to attend Bristol’s Simple Things closing show with John Carpenter on Sunday, fear not. Or maybe do: the master of suspended terror’s show will be broadcast in full, live from our Facebook.

Crack Mix 124


Irish-born, London-based DJ Saoirse lays down a set of deepness that breathes and morphs over its 70-minute run time. Regular Rinse appearances and releases on Leftroom and Weekend Circus have contributed to her steadily building rep. A charming addition to our mix series.

Stevie Nicks on the Importance of Being a Romantic

The Creative Independent

Initially derided as just a pretty face when she joined Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, first with the band and later on her own, has built a legacy confirming her as one of the most talented songwriters of all time. T. Cole Rachel of The Creative Independent delves into her thoughts on poetry, songwriting and romanticism. Read the full interview here.

Matana Roberts Lecture


The jazz saxophonist and sonic explorer gives a two-hour lecture diving into her artistic process, the realities of being a working musician, and her ongoing series of albums Coin Coin. Named after a freed businesswoman, the records are a journey through Roberts’ interaction with African American history and her own innermost spiritual experience.

What To Do If You Get Sexually Harassed in a Nightclub


This is important to everyone. If you’re a woman or LGBTQ then it’s quite likely that you will have some experience of this, if you are a man then you definitely know someone who has. As such, it’s rightly being increasingly discussed. What’s interesting abut this piece by Sirin Kale is that it is uplifting and enabling in the battle against the ugly side of club culture. Read the full piece here.

Kendrick Lamar Meets Rick Rubin

GQ Magazine

Two monoliths of popular music have an in-depth conversation about their methods and inspirations. There’s something immensely calming about two of the world’s most softly-spoken men sitting serenely in a sun-lit Malilbu garden shooting the breeze. They also reveal some pretty interesting musical know-how.


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