Big up! Welcome back to Staying In, your returning centrist leader of reliably entertaining content for the weekend ahead.

Seriously though, all jokes aside, it’s been a long week. Roll on the weekend! That’s what I say! Boozing, swearing, fighting, having a laugh. Or, if you’re not into all that, just keep the curtains closed and absorb these various pieces of content.

We’ve got Grammys dissection, grimey serenades, Boiler Room shutdowns and punk masterclasses. It’s all here. You don’t need to go outside. Stay calm. Stay positive. Stay in.

Zane Lowe and Future

Beats 1

Much like Tony Blair, Future returned this week, with a self-titled new album. It’s 17-tracks long and it has no features. Future is a whole lot of Future. In his first interview for a while, the ATL demigod sat down with the unwaveringly enthusiastic Zane Lowe to discuss his absence from social media, the cast of young producers who he’s worked with, and the efforts he’s made to find his own lane again.

When We Gonna be Together: The Best Grime Love Songs

Crack Magazine

As a Valentine’s Day treat, we picked out 11 loved-up tracks from grime through its various ages. Some of from the game’s modern romeos while others showcase the ringtone romantics of yesteryear. Share the love. Together forever.

Were There Any Real Winners at the Grammys?

New York Times

In the wake of the least woke Grammys in recent memory, the extended NY Times music team sat down to discuss Adele, Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper and more. Their conversation offers a good insight into what can (and can’t) be done about the yearly nostalgia-centric schmaltz-fest.

Master blaster: the woman making Björk, Aphex Twin and Eno sound so good


The Guardian speak to renowned sound engineer Mandy Parnell about mastering for the likes of Aphex Twin and Björk. Their conversation moves on to the topic of her experience as a woman in what is still a notoriously macho industry. Read the full piece here.

Just Dance: Moonlight x Alvin Ailey


The piece is a collaboration between the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and Moonlight score composer Nicholas Britell. Britell’s score is nominated for the Best Original Score Oscar while Moonlight is up for the Academy Award for Best Picture. This original dance piece premiered on NOWNESS is totally breathtaking.

Lydia Lunch interview

Sex and the Pity: Lydia Lunch meets Pissed Jeans

Crack Magazine

For their new album, Pissed Jeans’ frontman Matt Korvette turned his attention to the pathetic inadequacies of the male gender – roping in no wave iconoclast Lydia Lunch for production duties. Here, Corvette and Lunch reunite to train their gunsights on dead rockstars, fragile masculinity and the horror show that is US politics.

DISCWOMAN 18: Josey Rebelle


In her own words, “A few smashers, a few emotional ones. Listening back, I think I was maybe in a bit of a dark mood when I did this. The world feels fucked.” The inimitable Josey Rebelle steps up for Discwoman. The reigning king of weekend listening stays on her throne.


Solange / Saint Heron

“He was always incredibly kind, humble, and shared gems of advice and little mantra’s with me along the way.” Following the sad news that funk legend Junie Morrison passed away, Solange news just shared a touching letter about him on her Saint Heron platform. Her relationship with Morrison’s music runs deep, he inspired Junie on A Seat At The Table. This post captures her admiration beautifully.


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