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His voice is steady and authoritative. He speaks specifically and with diction, pausing not a second between question and answer. At every possible opportunity, he uses the word ‘party’.

That’s right, we’re talking to the man in white with the lifelong party manifesto: from his 2001 breakthrough hit which encourages us to do it ‘hard’, to his constant twitter ‘tips’ on how to do it well. He’s also a motivational speaker, piano virtuoso, one time US cultural ambassador to Bahrain, and an all-round good influence on the world. We asked him our 20 Questions as he gears up to headline London’s Visions festival, and he left us with a reverberating smile until we nestled in bed that night.

What was your favourite cartoon when you were a kid?

I liked Animaniacs.

Who’s your favourite Slipknot member?

Probably Joey, it’s a real shame he left. He was always very kind to me, I was constantly amazed watching him play, and his mask had a simplicity that added to his intense energy behind the kit.

Do you support a sports team?

Not formally, but I admire athletes, and I try to make partying an athletic event inspired by their levels of physical commitment.

What’s the most overrated album of all time?

Oh jeez, I guess I Get Wet by Andrew W.K.

Favourite board game?

Probably Monopoly. If you customise the rules you can play it for over 24 hours, so it’s really good for hardcore partying.

What’s your favourite sitcom?

Right now, Golden Girls.

Are you a good dancer?

No. I do enjoy dancing, for better or worse, but those are sometimes the most dangerous dancers, the ones who can’t dance very well but still love to do it.

What’s your signature recipe?

I just made an omelette with some ham and a pan. That’s about it.

Favourite cereal?

I like Cheerios, and I like to customise it by putting salted roasted peanuts in there along with the milk.

" I admire athletes, and I try to make partying an athletic event inspired by their levels of physical commitment"

Wayne’s World or Bill & Ted?

Bill & Ted. I love their band, Wyld Stallyns.

What are you wearing?

White jeans and a white shirt. They’re not very clean, but that because I’ve been wearing them for about four days.

If you could pick a surrogate grandparent, who would it be?

Maybe my Mom’s dad. He died when she was really young, so it’d be nice to have had the chance to meet him.

Is there a piece of advice you wish you’d give to yourself ten years ago?

Yeah – you’re gonna have a lot of fun, so don’t worry too much.

When is the last time you ran as fast as you can?

Yesterday. I put on some Napalm Death in my headphone and just sprinted. I felt like I was gonna die, but then you just keep going.

Have you ever worn a fancy dress costume you regret?

Not that I can recall. I think wearing clothes at all is pretty stressful.

Have you ever been arrested?

No, fortunately.

What’s your worst habit?

Having to use the bathroom all the time. I don’t know if you can call that a habit, but I’m almost, like, addicted to using the rest room. We’ve only talked for 12 minutes and I need to go again.

OK, we won’t keep you too much longer. Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?

I guess Santa Claus. I met him several times. It’s weird, he always looked generally the same, but his eyes would change colour or something. I don’t know what to make of that, but he’s definitely the most well-known and beloved person I’ve had the chance to interact with.

Rate these in order of how much you like them: Danny Glover, Danny DeVito, Daniel Day-Lewis?

I’ll put Danny DeVito first, then Danny Glover, then Day-Lewis third. He seems like quite a serious guy, whereas I know DeVito likes to have laughs.

Finally, what would you want written on your tombstone?

‘This counts as partying.’