News / / 17.04.15

Ah! Kosmos

Istanbul-based producer and instrumentalist Başak Günak marked herself out as a figure of bold, experimental promise with her excellent 2013 EP as Ah! Kosmos, entitled Flesh, as well as her work crafting sound design for dance, plays and art installations throughout Europe. Having been invited to attend the 2014 instalment of Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo, Günak now unveils her debut album Bastards, a record which sees her natural propensity for texture and density fully realised when allowed the space it deserves.

‘Bastards are not orphans, but they are freed from models or possessions and reckon no top or bottom, no right or wrong’ states the written accompaniment to the album, and it’s an intriguing premise. Each of the album’s eight individual tracks shuns segregation, merging to form a rippling, organic, layered whole, underpinned with subtle vocal lines and sparse, uncluttered beats. It’s murky, moody and utterly engrossing.

We’re lucky enough to be giving you the first listen to this truly exciting record in its entirety, exclusively until its physical release next week via our good friends at Denovali Records. Ah! Kosmos appears at Denovali Festival, Berlin, 14 June, and Sonar Festival, Barcelona, 20 June.

Bastards will be released on 24 April via Denovali Records. Preorder it here.