News / / 24.05.16

Death In Vegas

Death In Vegas auteur Richard Fearless has cut a clear path of success from his ‘astonishing‘ punk-tinged electronica of the late 90s to 2011’s ‘striking‘ Trans-Love Energies, the act’s last release.

Now partnering with artist and writer Sasha Grey after the pair united over a shared love of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey, Fearless returns with Transmission – a sometimes dreamy, sometimes discordant, sometimes danceable trip through the duo’s twin vision. Grey’s lyrics gasp and sweat against a backdrop of Fearless’ relentless, repetitious techno, the pair creating something Optimo’s Jonnie Wilkes has called “a pure sex trip” using a blend of field recordings taken from air traffic and the noise from steel factory opposite Fearless’ Metal Box studio.

Raw, unsettling, and unapologetically visceral, this is yet another evolution of Death In Vegas’ accomplished output so far.

Death in Vegas – psychedelic auteur Richard Fearless and actress Sasha Grey – will be premiering their live A/V performance of Transmission at Berlin Atonal Festival in August.