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FIDLAR (Wichita)


There’s that guy who says words like ‘stoked’, he brags about owning a Beavis and Butthead VHS and having a ‘beer bong’ in his ‘trunk’. He’s in denial about the fact it’s 2013, he can’t skate, has a business studies degree and lives in Basingstoke. He’s been looking forward to this record for ages.

LA cartoon slacker-punks FIDLAR have kindly included breakthrough track Wake Bake Skate here, and it’s as naff as anything Sum 41 ever recorded. ‘Just to hang out with my best friends and drink a lot of beer/I’m so fucking cheap and I’m so fucking broke/I don’t have a job and I don’t have a home/Don’t have a life and I’m always stoned’, they screech, epitomising this album’s desperate, insecure attempt sound as dumb as possible. Bands like Black Lips, Wavves and the late Jay Reatard have embraced a snotty, adolescent vibe with their scuzzy garage-punk to brilliant effect. But when FIDLAR chant ‘I drink cheap beer, so what, fuck you’, it’s chillingly reminiscent of when The View boasted unremarkably about not washing their jeans. Did that reference just make you cringe? Sorry, but this is a cringe-inducing situation. This is FIDLAR’s debut album.

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Words: David Reed