News / / 10.04.15


Young Tines is a stand-out on Japanese shoegaze outfit Taffy’s latest EP Darkle.

Amidst layers of Breeders indebted sass and MBV influenced shimmer the four-piece open a window into a world of glossy dream pop. What better way to compliment their psychedelic state than a remix of Young Tines from the overlords of the genre themselves: The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Their remix is a twisting, BJM flavoured take on Taffy’s signature fuzz, buzz and wall of sound. Buried beneath the layers is a lush soundscape that’s just sweet enough to be pop and just heavy enough to set the heart racing. Listen to BJM’s rework of Young Tines in the player to the left and snap up your copy of Darkle this May on London alternative, shoegaze and post rock label, Club AC30.