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Nai Harvest talk Buttercups

We’ve been digging hard on Sheffield’s indie poster boys Nai Harvest ever since we heard their debut album.

Their rabid fan base seems to spiralling out of control. Suffice to say, we were psyched when we heard they wanted us to premiere their new video for Buttercups so we decided to get on the blower and ask them a few questions about the video. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) we decided to start talking about washing machines instead.

Buttercups is taken from the band’s recent split with the equally awesome Playlounge on Dog Knights Productions. The video sees the pair chilling in a launderette that seems to specialise in cleaning petals and rocking out in a forest. Basically, the song rules and the video’s rad so check it out exclusively through Crack and find out what it’s all about in our mini-interview below.

What’s the deal with all the washing machines in your video? Is it a visual metaphor?

Washing machines are cool dude! At the time Ed Crisp; who shot the video, had the idea of putting flowers in a washing machine then we decided to hit the laundrette to keep a little theme going. But, now you mention it thinking a little deeper I guess it’s a hint towards our album. That may sound weird but you’ll get it when it’s out.

Do you do your own washing or do you go to the launderette?

We do our own washing. They never get our delicates right.

How often do you wash your clothes?

The obvious funny answer would be ‘wait, you’re supposed to wash clothes?’ but I wanna get serious right now and say this; personal hygiene and cleanliness is very important and you can still be punk even if you’re clean, trust us.

What do you look for in a detergent?

The best TV advert.

What’s your favourite brand of washing machine and why?

The brand that is secretly a Transformer. Was there even a washing machine Transformer? If there was then he’d be our favourite.