May Playlist

At first, this playlist feels like a dreamy summer soundtrack. With woozy, laid-back material from the likes of Ducktails, Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, it’s the kind of thing you’d like to hear while nodding off on the grass after drinking four beers at two in the afternoon. But, gradually, it builds up until – boom – JME and Giggs’ Man Don’t Care kicks in. And from then on, it’s a generally a more upbeat affair until you get a tranquil breather with the LuckyMe singed trio Naked before the climax of a pulverising Diagonal release – which may or may not sample the 90s Eurodance classic No Limit.

So in a way, the pace of the playlist is a bit like eating a light salad before a vindaloo. Or the storyline of Takashi Miike’s psychological-thriller Audition. Maybe. To be honest, I haven’t actually seen it. Enjoy.