Selections: Pär Grindvik

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

A renowned figure on the Swedish techno scene since the 90s, Pär Grindvik’s extensive influence can be traced to his roles as a label head, record store owner and producer.

Working with Hardcell across his earlier, heavier excursions, Grindvik’s sounds ranges from thumping techno cuts built for the peak-time swing on the ‘floor and productions imbued with elements of ambient, IDM and electro. Across his decade-spanning career, Grindvik’s productions have been pushed from a range of labels, such as Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, Spectral Sound and his very own – Stockholm LTD. As a label owner himself, he’s published releases from the likes of Peder Mannerfelt and André Kronert.

It felt natural, then, to tap a true tastemaker to curate an exclusive playlist for us. Featuring contemporary artists – such as Whities affiliate Lanark Artefax – punishing techno from Regis, a searing cut from Sissel Wincent, Grindvik leads us on a near two-hour excursion that, towards the end, descends into a looser kind of chaos.

Pär Grindvik plays at 7001, Berlin, 17-19 August