Selections: Eartheater

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

New York’s Alexandra Drewchin records thrilling avant garde-pop under the moniker Eartheater. On a typical track, dreamy acoustic instrumentation, digital manipulation and Drewchin’s expansive vocal range collide into a musical collage. Her latest release as Eartheater, IRISIRI, saws this eclectic sound directed towards an aural exploration of how female voices can disrupt the musical status quo. 

This unabashedly experimental spirit can be felt in Drewchin’s Selections playlist, which sees her pick tracks from the likes of MF Doom, Vince Staples and John Frusciante, alongside frequent Eartheater collaborators Show Me the Body and LEYA. Guided by an acute attention to musicality, the tracklist creates a sense of sonic order from selections across vastly different genres.

“The main rule of this playlist was that every track had to be using dissonance or microtones,” Drewchin explains. “After finding my tracks I arranged them in an exquisite corpse style order where the title of each track could relate to the track before it. There were several different ways that could work so the final line-up enabled a pretty cohesive flow.”

Eartheater plays at Unsound Adelaide, Australia, on 14 December