Selections: FAKA

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

With their central aim of championing black queer voices, FAKA use a variety of mediums to explore identity in a post-colonial Africa dominated by a cis-hetero way of thinking. This includes written works, audiovisual pieces and music. They’ve provided installations at art spaces – such as Stevenson Gallery in their native Johannesburg – and played at festivals such as Unsound and Flow. Musically, their idiosyncratic sound draws from gqom, South African house and older traditions of electronic music from the country.

In line with their own sonics, their Selections playlist is based on South Africa’s various strands of house music. This features a nod to the classic vibe of Thebe and M’Du’s Shangaan disco tracks, and the myriad directions in which Mzanzi artists have been developing electronic music since. There’s hip-hop vibes from Robin Thirdfloor and uSanele, futuristic weirdness from Hyperdub’s Okzharp and Angel Ho, more straight up SA house from Culoe de Song and KB, as well as jazz and gospel. One of the more recent tracks by the late, great DJ Spoko is also given a run out. Hit play for a wide-ranging primer on South African music.

FAKA play Sonár, Barcelona, on 18 July