Selections: K Á R Y Y N

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

Indiana, Aleppo, Reykjavik and Los Angeles all have a stake to claim in the makeup of the multidisciplinary artist K Á R Y Y N, who grew up in country calm but has felt her fair share of bustle and destruction. Her summers spent in the since-destroyed city in Syria are well documented, as is her association with Björk, the Icelandic luminary lending her considerable backing after being wowed by the opera Of Light, made with Samatha Shay.

These touchpoints converge in an artistry which owes much to Björk’s iron-clad fragility. K Á R Y Y N’s debut full-length album, The Quanta Series, is as comfortable in the glacial and tender as it is the foreboding and dark. She has previously described how her process is informed by a hypersensitivity she feels for her surroundings, which results in an appreciation for relative stillness in her music, as well as a fixation on amplifying minor shifts in tone and texture.

As a self-described visual composer, K Á R Y Y N is as immersive and cinematic as you’d expect with her selections. She chooses 15 tracks that “inspire [her] ears right now” for an exclusive Crack Magazine playlist. It’s easy to hear why, with many elements of her compositional reference points given open space to be heard: fellow Armenian-American artist Richard Hagopian’s dextrous oud playing, Black Taffy’s use of similar melodies through a trip-hop inflection, Lukid’s wandering, skittish rhythms and the darkened pathways trodden by FOOZOOL. As eclectic as it is harmonious – plug in.

K Á R Y Y N plays at Sónar Festival, Barcelona, on 19 July