Selections: Nadine Shah

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

Post-punk singer-songwriter Nadine Shah is an artist unafraid of addressing larger issues, casting a spotlight on the refugee crisis, racism, xenophobia and toxic politics on her last album Holiday Destination. Inspired by the xenophobic attitude of holidaymakers on the island of Kos, Shah draws deep from her observations and her own status as a British Muslim woman of Norwegian and Pakistani heritage. On the LP, she asks, “Where would you have me go? I’m second generation don’t you know”.

In line with her pro-immigration stance, the artist turns in an exclusive playlist for Crack Magazine that echoes the sentiment found in her work. Nina Simone’s Mississippi Goddam sings about the lack of belonging in Tennessee and Mississippi. She demands, “Just give me my equality”. There’s Ghostpoet’s Immigrant Boogie, Born Free by M.I.A. – an artist who’s consistently vocalised her support for immigrants and refugees – and Stevie Wonder’s Living for the City. Threading through Shah’s work, and by extension her playlist, are questions of belonging and both the emotional link to, and tangible construct of, home.

Hit the play button below for Shah’s politically charged selections.

Nadine Shah will play at Festival of Voice, Cardiff, 7-17 June