Selections: S Ruston

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

S Ruston, the One4Ho label head and one of Renate’s latest additions to their roster of residents, is the latest artist to provide us with a collection of tracks. Formerly known as Ghettozoid, she cut her teeth in Bristol before making the switch to the German capital. There, she’s continued to become a mainstay at the city’s queer scene and is plays as a regular with the Lecken Collective.

For this playlist, she dips into her collection of beloved DnB and jungle records, explaining via email. “I got into jungle and DnB as a teenager growing up in the countryside, I had one friend who lived in London but would come up to stay with his dad and he would record his Clash of the Titans tape packs for me. I would always have them playing on my Walkman whilst endlessly running away from the town bullies trying to beat me up. Perfect escape tempos!”

With cuts from DJ Die, Krust, Adam F and even High Contrast, this is a love letter to the sounds of S Ruston’s formative teenage years in the rural countryside.

S Ruston plays Pretty Ugly at Renate, Berlin, on 7 September