Selections: Solar

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

This year has been busy for Solar, criss-crossing Europe and America to crystallise his transition from local hero to international name, a shift that begun with his much-talked about Dekmantel set in 2016. A key figure on the Bay Area scene since the 90s, it’s safe to assume the veteran has amassed some deep crates, and his sets come loaded with sun-baked psych rock alongside a rich mix of influences, from EBM to house, techno and post-punk.

For the latest edition of Selections, he offers us a glimpse into his vast record collection, procuring a 90-minute playlist made up of post-punk and psychedelic rock, threaded through with industrial muscle. There’s White Hills, Big Black and Cabaret Voltaire before the list ends on the foggy ‘stonegaze’ of True Widow. Listen below.

Solar plays Comunité Festival at Tulum, Mexico, on 5-6 January.