Selections: Tommy Four Seven

Welcome back to Selections, a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

British-born and Berlin-based producer Tommy Four Seven is seen as a leading name in today’s techno scene. While he performs as one half of experimental duo These Hidden Hands, it was through his own solo efforts that he rose to prominence and began his globetrotting tour schedule. This month saw the release of his first solo LP in eight years, Veer, on his own label 47 – a deep, textured collection of sci-fi desolation and weighty heft.

His entry into our Selections series runs like a timeline of his most definitive moments – from UK garage tracks discovered at the age of 13 to Burial’s debut album that landed during his music technology course at University. Included within the playlist are tracks such as Bad Company UK’s The Nine – a “pure heads-down moody roller with a fierce bassline” that Tommy Four Seven would play at drum’n’bass nights when he was 17 – and British Murder Boys’ Fist. 

Across the rest of the playlist, there’s a selection of cuts from Silent Servant, Powell, Portishead (“I’m a big Portishead fan”) and more. Hit play.

Tommy Four Seven plays at The White Hotel, Manchester, on 11 May