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Naira Marley: Following the Leader

The Nigerian superstar’s career has been coloured by controversy. But where a conservative society sees a troublemaker, its youth find a new idol. Naira Marley is our Issue 133 cover star

Girlpool: Let the Light In

Los Angeles indie duo Girlpool are growing up, not growing apart. The pair are the cover stars of Issue 130

Big Joanie

Big Joanie are taking up space

The London band talk representation and blazing your own path in punk

Rising Parallax Lyzza © Nikola Lamburov

Rising: Lyzza wants to make music without limits

The Brazilian producer and vocalist talks Björk, current projects and her new life in London

Black Madonna Kiia

Dismantling dance music’s boys club

Smirnoff Equalising Music is campaigning for gender parity on line-ups by 2020. We look at how mentorship – from figures like The Black Madonna and Honey Dijon – can dismantle male dominance in dance music

© Jackson Bowley

IAMDDB: Heart and Soul

We check in with the Manchester singer-rapper who makes swagger feel like self-love

Arca: Look Within

Niloufar Haidari sits down with Alejandro Ghersi at his London home for a candid conversation about otherness and transformation

The Way He Saw Things: Remembering the Emotional Charge of Lil Peep

Niloufar Haidari reflects on the life of Lil Peep who broke a lot of ground – and connected with many young people – in a short time

How BBZ are changing the face of London’s queer club scene

The collective’s parties create a space for queer, trans and non-binary people of colour. Here, BBZ’s co-founders speak to Niloufar Haidari about community

Aesthetic: Evian Christ

Through his Trance Party, his look and his music, the experimental producer is forging a deeper connection with his hometown. Niloufar Haidari hears more

We Love Green brings its organic charm to Paris

Bois de Vincennes, Paris 10 June
Stefflon Don interview

Stefflon Don gets real

Niloufar Haidari talks cake-making, YouTube comments and wining on Ed Sheeran with the ascendant star of UK rap


Aesthetic: Klein

Klein gatecrashed the experimental scene with her multilayered, montage-like compositions. Her style proves equally hard to pin down

Aesthetic: Bala Club

Extreme, apocalyptic, indefinable… The style of London’s Bala Club crew is a continuation of their unique approach to club music

QUALIATIK‘s digital dreamscapes move the body and mind

Arielle Herman was studying neuroscience when she started producing music. Now, via her experimental productions, she toys with her own psyche.

Hackney vs Brixton:
a conversation between Dean Blunt and GAIKA

Dean Blunt and GAIKA discuss Trump’s victory, the restrictive expectations for black music and the post-apocalyptic essence of modern England

NON Worldwide 
give power to
marginalised voices

The cross-discipline collective share fearless statements of resistance and revolution with Niloufar Haidari