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Alien possibilities and real-life rage at Howling Owl’s New Year New Noise

Arnolfini, Bristol 20 January

Encounter-culture: Powell

Xavier Boucherat ekes out a dialogue covering the beauty of Berghain, holding court with 900 strangers and the humble watermelon with Diagonal boss Powell

Various Artists

When I Was 14 Trip

DJ Rashad

Afterlife Teklife

Holly Herndon:
New Feelings

Along with collaborators Mat Dryhurst and Colin Self, Holly Herndon is creating radically progressive art to portray the emotional palettes of today. Xavier Boucherat heads out to Berlin to discuss the ideology that drives them

Watching Kanye at Cardiff Cineworld

Xavier Boucherat heads over to one of the the Welsh capital’s prime screens to catch an earful of ‘The Life of Pablo’

Paranoid London

Paranoid London Paranoid London Records


Mugako has already established a strong sense of identity

Tauron Nova Muzyka Festival 2015

Nowe Muzeum Śląskie, Katowice 20 August

Various Artists

Kompakt Total 15 Kompakt

Evian Christ & David Rudnick present The Trance War

The ICA 23 July

Alessandro Cortini

Risveglio Hospital

Arthur Russell

Corn Audika

Lee Bannon is starting over

As he closes the book on his output as Lee Bannon, the Sacramento-born producer’s in a reflective mood


Container‘s noise-infused techno is finding a wider audience

Container has got a bone to pick, which is awkward because when it comes to talking about his heavily saturated, hardware-based techno, there are persistent difficulties.