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Persher: Unnatural Selection

As Persher, Blawan and Pariah cut and splice the DNA of hardcore and metal to let loose new extremes

Scalping: Body Language

Scalping aren’t the first to harness the dual energies of basement ragers and noise, but they might be the most uncompromising



Duma Nyege Nyege Tapes
Second Language

Minor Science

Second Language Whities

Sunn O)))

Pyroclasts Southern Lord
Carter Tutti Void

Carter Tutti Void

Triumvirate Conspiracy International
Michailo irakli release

Michailo + Irakli

Release Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound
Konx-om-Pax, Ways of Seeing, Album Cover


Ways of Seeing Planet Mu
Scott Walker

From idol to auteur:
5 albums that define the career of Scott Walker

In the wake of the singer’s passing this week, we chart the touchstones of his musical trajectory

Jlin Unsound Festival 2018 © Michał Ramu

Unsound 2018: Frontier sounds at the European underground’s favourite festival

Wianki, Kraków 7 October
Actress, Berlin Atonal 2018 © Cornelia Thonhauser

Berlin Atonal 2018: High-concept club sounds and challenging electronics

Kraftwerk, Berlin 25 August

Helena Hauff

Qualm Ninja Tune
Lotic Power


Power Tri-Angle Records

Elysia Crampton

Elysia Crampton Break World Records


Grid of Points Kranky

David Byrne

American Utopia Nonesuch / Todo Mundo

Various Artists

Diggin' in the Carts Hyperdub
© Adriano Ferreira Borges

Semibreve cements its status as one of the finest small festivals in Europe

Braga, Portugal 27 October

15 years in, sounds from the margins still flourish at Unsound

Kraków 8 October


Tommy Hyperdub

Hype Williams

Rainbow Edition Big Dada

Actress: Altered Identities

After what many assumed was his final album, the producer returns with a new sound palette – a conscious break with the past. We enter his world to find an artist in constant flux

The Bug Vs Earth

Concrete Desert Ninja Tune

Alien possibilities and real-life rage at Howling Owl’s New Year New Noise

Arnolfini, Bristol 20 January

Encounter-culture: Powell

Xavier Boucherat ekes out a dialogue covering the beauty of Berghain, holding court with 900 strangers and the humble watermelon with Diagonal boss Powell

Various Artists

When I Was 14 Trip

DJ Rashad

Afterlife Teklife

Holly Herndon:
New Feelings

Along with collaborators Mat Dryhurst and Colin Self, Holly Herndon is creating radically progressive art to portray the emotional palettes of today. Xavier Boucherat heads out to Berlin to discuss the ideology that drives them

Watching Kanye at Cardiff Cineworld

Xavier Boucherat heads over to one of the the Welsh capital’s prime screens to catch an earful of ‘The Life of Pablo’

Paranoid London

Paranoid London Paranoid London Records