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Duma Duma Nyege Nyege Tapes


The Kampala-based Nyege Nyege Tapes champions artists pushing local electronic sounds to the extreme, and has uncovered the best of the underground from East Africa and beyond. Raw, joyous and frequently played at breakneck speed, its output to date has its roots mainly in clubs and carnivals. This latest release draws on a very different setting, but the results are no less intense.

Nairobi’s tight-knit metal scene has received global coverage in recent years, and Duma features two of its seasoned members: Sam Karugu on production and guitars, and Martin ‘Lord Spike Heart’ Khanja on vocals. Angels and Abysses, the opening track from their self-titled LP, immediately channels black metal influences, with glacial drones and screeching feedback weaved between processed, polyrhythmic blast beats. Compared with their previous bands, Duma are light on riffs, instead raising hell with eldritch textures and grinding, blown-out percussion.

Spike Heart’s vocals enter on Corners in Nihil, a gutsy death growl that gives way to a tortured wail, delivered over jarring electronics and synth motifs. From there, other heavy matter joins the mix. Single Lionsblood is propelled by a boot-down-the-door techno kick, whilst Uganda with Sam pulses with weird hybrid energy: part beat-down, part industro-trap heater. A singular glimpse into the abyss from one of the world’s most exciting labels.