08 10

Container LP Spectrum Spools

Yeah you ‘eard, someone’s gone let Ren Schofield back behind his infernal hardware for more punishing techno cuts from the frothing banks of the swamp. If there’s one thing this man knows damn well, it’s that after midnight, your party needs way more nutter vibes, and god love him he’s 110% willing to oblige you. LP delivers another seven tracks tailor-made to clear the room, giving the real players space to go taps aff in the kitchen and throw down for half an hour, probably in the pitch black once the lighting gets taken out.

This will happen within the first four seconds. Opener Eject is the sonic equivalent of someone pouring a pint of cow’s blood into an overcrowded piranha tank. It carries on in this vein. Cushion’s mutant acid erupts in a flurry of razor sharp hats and a diabolical synthline, perpetually descending. Peripheral comes through like a shit-faced Schofield bulldozing through the side of the club in a flaming JCB, taking out half its occupants and giving you the excuse you’ve been waiting for to run home, lock your doors and stick some fucking Air on, or whatever your middling after-hours jam is. Ren don’t care.

Let’s talk quickly about the one problem track on this record though, i.e. the one that for some reason tries to slow things down. Calibrate, the closer, is a truly unpleasant excursion into that weird realm of mid-tempo industrial. It’s so grotesque it’s actually kind of brilliant, particularly towards the end when Schofield dumps a tonne of screaming, glitched-out frequencies over the top of it. In fact, forget it, it’s totally great. Stick it on again.